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Only Sustainable, Natural and Healthy Products

Connecting the highest quality, natural products with strategic growth markets


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Creating Long-Term Partnerships between North America, South America and Asia  

Business Units

Primary Business Units

SAF Beef


SAF BEEF is actively seeking global distribution partners for our super premium, grain-fed, certified Angus beef.  Argentina and select neighboring countries indisputably have the best beef in the world; this is due to its massive, open grassland rangelands (pampas) where cattle freely graze, eating high quality grasses, drinking some of the world's most pure water and breathing the Good Air (Buenos Aires).  No country can compete with Argentina, long-term, for producing quality beef.

SAF and our expert beef production partners produce the most premium, grain-fed, certified-Angus steers that are finished on 100+ days of quality grain on our private feedlots after ranging its entire life on the wild grasslands. SAF is strategically expanding into select distribution channels in China, North America and other select markets.

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SAF Food


SAF Food only works with the best, most healthy, sustainably-sourced fruit available in South America. Our production partners are the largest producer of Açaí in the world, a wild fruit from the depths of the Amazon, the largest Apple producer, and we offer a wide variety of incredible fruit in multiple formats, frozen, oven dried, diced, and in powder form. 

The Brazilian Amazon is the long-term, sustainable leader in the production of many organic fruit including Açaí, Passion Fruit, Guaraná, Bacuri, Camu-camu, Cupuaçu, Graviola, Muruci and Tapereba.  SAF Food is also active in organic Apples, Pears, Prunes, Raisins, Cranberries and other incredible fruit.  

SAF Feed


SAF FEED is dedicated to offering only the purest, most natural feed ingredients available, and we focus on the highest quality products. Our Fish Meal is wild-caught Hake, a premium white fish, caught in the icy cold, Atlantic Ocean off Patagonia, in Southern Argentina. This fishery is sustainably-fished for Hake, and the wild Argentine red shrimp. SAF offers Fish Meal (60%) and Shrimp Meal (38%-40%) for the global pet food and aquaculture industries. SAF offers high quality Poultry Meal, and other protein meals.  In addition, SAF FEED also offers Sweet Potato Powder and SP Pellets for the Pet Food industry. 

SAF FEED is active in CPP (Citrus Pulp Pellet) a by-product of the citrus industry which is an incredible fiber-based pellet, high in vitamins, for the dairy industry and certain categories of the livestock industry. 



SAF can offer financial advisory services for international transactions, capital raising and import and export projects. We have worked extensively in capital markets and banking throughout Latin America and SAF has strategic alliances with various boutique financial groups in Latin America, the US and in Europe.


SAF is also able to assist with managing global trading activities providing global trade solutions, corporate acquisition strategies, target company research and selection, valuations, and financial structuring and negotiations.

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SAF Dairy


SAF Dairy is focused on multiple dairy products, predominantly Whey,  that we source  throughout Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.  SAF actively supplies whey permeate (low protein whey), whey protein concentrate 80% (WPC-80%), and demineralized whey (mainly DM40). In addition, SAF supplies other dairy products such as Mozzarela cheese and Cream Cheese. 

SAF Dairy secures long-term, sustainable supply chain agreements between qualified, end buyer partners in Asia and high-quality, regional producers.



SAF Pet has extensive experience in pet nutrition and have exclusive partnerships in all-natural pet food products, multiple pet food ingredients, such as sweet potato pellets and the highest quality, wild-caught white fish meal (60%), as well as various pet treat products. 


SAF Shrimp


SAF Food has a line of premium, sustainably sourced products such as the wild Argentine red shrimp, where SAF has partnered with the leading seafood operator in Argentina. With over 10 proprietary shrimping vessels in Argentina and a highly professional processing and bagging operation in Argentina,

SAF Food is also active in Acai from the Amazon, various other organic fruits in multiple formats, and other food products where we strategically expand sales in the US and other markets assisting US buyers seeking sustainable supply chain solutions under their own private label or under our partner's brands. 


SAF Global (SAF US) brings an analytical approach to global trade. We work directly with leading global producers of high quality, niche natural products that are sustainably-produced and focus on creating long-lasting partnerships with strategic global distribution partners and strategic retail partners in North America and Asia. SAF Global is active in multiple high-growth categories: (1) SAF Beef: super premium, grain-fed and grass fed certified angus beef; (2) SAF Foods: including niche products such as Açaí, a wide line of dried fruit products; (3) SAF Feed: high quality, niche feed ingredients such as pure Hake (white fish) meals, poultry meal, CPP (citrus pulp pellets) and other ingredients; (4) SAF Dairy: specializing in critical, niche dairy products and by-products; (5) SAF Pet: specializing in natural pet food, pet food ingredients and pet treat products; and (6) SAF Shrimp, offering wild-caught Argentine red shrimp, with a focus on finally bringing chemical-free shrimp into US retail channels. Through SAF's network in the region, we are also able to source many commodities, depending on our client's requirements. Geographically, SAF has active partnerships in North America, South America and Asia.  

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SAF actively works with the producers to maximize our product quality and supply output, seeking competitive, natural and profit-oriented advantages for our products in our target distribution channels.

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Brand-building is how to maximize value in the chain, but it requires significant analysis, market research, marketing strategy and investment.

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Once SAF partners on the opportunity, the team takes a highly supportive, active role in the company’s strategy and operations in order to mitigate risk and maximize return.


SAF's approach includes an extensive evaluation of the business, investment opportunity and/or trade business, and evaluates the competitive market and supply chain partners.

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Our Group targets sustainable solutions, when possible, to all business opportunities, focusing on de-risking trade components. 

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Strategic Partnerships

With offices and strategic affiliates on numerous continents, SAF strives to add value to companies and organizations that are interested in developing long-term business relationships. Today, SAF has on-the-ground partners throughout Latin America (in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay), the US, and in Asia (in China, Japan, and Thailand).

The SAF team and its partners have built strong relationships and understand the value of establishing professional relationships with globally-minded, strategic partners. 

Global Partnerships

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