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SAF is active in the pet food, pet food ingredient and pet treat segments, with partnerships in the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.  SAF's global partners are leaders in the production and distribution space.


SAF PET is SAF’s division focused on the pet food and pet treat segment. South America possesses some of the highest quality beef and poultry production capabilities internationally, and although still not widely known, the quality and cost benefits of South American-produced dog and cat food, as well as products in the pet treat industry, make Latin American product as quality and price-competitive as any other regional globally. Today, SAF Pet has partnerships in the US, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The US pet food industry is a $35B industry, of which, the pet treat segment, represents 28% ($10B) and is the fastest growing segment. SAF is working with multiple strategic partners in the region today in the pursuit of distributing new branded product and producing innovative products for sale into the US and other markets.

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